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2021-11-23 12:19 pm
I have this setup already running for a month and it's okey... I got sony xplod 12 inch sub inside a tube and a noname boshmann amp. From PC (or TV) via 3.5 mm jack audio goes through a simple wire to wire splitter, to 2.1 PC speakers with a small amplified sub, and to boshmann amp through line level RCA and then to the sub.

Today, I find out that I should be sending audio to high level input...

Would it make a difference if I do? What kind of difference?

I guess I could try before asking questions, but I first need to source a connector somewhere.


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
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By "high level input", do you mean the input to the sub to which you connect the speaker wire leads from the amp instead of using the RCA inputs?

Sound wise, the RCA connections have the edge as there is less distortion from them than from the speaker outputs.

However, when dealing with bass frequencies, the difference is not going to be audible.
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2018-04-17 6:50 pm
If you are sending audio from the headphone socket of your PC then you may have realised that that is not a line level signal, but an amplified line level signal.

So, if your "noname" Boshmann amp has both an RCA line level input and a high level (speaker level) input, I would simply choose the one which works best in your situation.

Am I getting any nearer to answering you question? :D