>50V starts getting tough surplus but they do exist. Check your favorite shops, and check out Ebay...I've seen good deals before there.

There is a list of some surplus dealers on my site. I don't think any of them have large value caps at 75V but I haven't looked recently. All are in USA unfortunately, but the cost of shipping is far less than the savings off of 'retail'.

Just to let you and this forum know that I now have in stock
PHILLIPS part # 3186EE263UO75HPA2
26,000MFD 75 Volt with a 95V Surge 9235 date code
measure 2" X 4 1/8" snap in type with 3 leads on top
positive- negative and a locating lead
They are new and priced at $6.95ea
Just In and not listed on my website yet
Apex Jr
[email protected]