Don't know where you're located, or what operating voltage you're ;ooling for, but Austin Electronics, N.Atlanta (770 449 8697) has 5000uF 50V Mallory's for $1 each. They also have numerous others (smaller quantities, higher uF & V) available that generally run $4-$6 each. I think they have a $10 minimum for mail order.


2002-02-02 5:37 pm

Thanks Sidney, ThingyNess and HarryHaller, I appreciate the replys.

ThingyNess, I went ahead and ordered the McIntosh caps, 30,000uF 63V (32 of them).

Do you think they will be able to handle 53V rails reliably? Otherwise I can get a lower voltage trannie.

Any recommendations on bridge rectifier diodes for a 1000VA trannie with 37V secondaries?

Thanks again, Digi