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For Sale Capacitors - Aerovox, RDE, Siemens. - Tesla E180F , - 100mA Vintage Meters, etc.

Things you have for sale.
Hi All

New things up for grabs:

Item #1:

BHC Areovox 680uF ALS30A 450VDC UK Made Capacitors - Pair, with mounting clamps.

IMG_0306.jpg IMG_0307.jpg

They measure a bit lower than 680uF on my capacitance meter, but are superb quality. CHF 20.- / Pair plus shipping.

Item #2:

Siemens Germany B43471 80uF 450V Capacitors - 4 pieces with mounting clamps (not shown)

IMG_0308.jpg IMG_0309.jpg
These are excellent quality, and all measure well around 90uF on my capacitance meter. CHF 20.- for all 4 Caps plus shipping

Item #3

Nippon Chemicon 560uF 420V Capacitors. 100% Japan made. 95U06L

IMG_0310.jpg IMG_0311.jpg

These measure a bit lower on my capacitance meter, but are excellent Japan quality. CHF 20.- Pair plus shipping.

Item #4:

RDE 33000uF 16V Germany Made Capacitors

IMG_0312.jpg IMG_0313.jpg

These are superb German quality caps. CHF 10.- / Pair or Lot of 9 pieces for CHF 30.- plus shipping.

Item #5:

Tesla E180F Made in Czechoslovakia Gold Pin NOS Tubes

IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0317.jpg IMG_0314.jpg

These are all NOS tubes. Never used, still in original boxes. One box is slightly different style. CHF 10.- / Pair or the whole lot of 8 tubes for CHF 30.- plus shipping.

Item #6

Vintage 100mA Meters - MR36W100DCMAR

IMG_0319.jpg IMG_0320.jpg

Vintage great NOS condition. USA made by A&M model 365-431 analogue mA meters. I have two of these available. CHF 30.- Each or CHF 50.- / Pair plus shipping.

Shipping is from Switzerland, and swiss post is not inexpensive (it goes by weight) but I will only charge you what I pay.


As in my other threads, I also am giving away free stuff when it is of interest to a buyer and if weight limits allow. Right now I have some input selectors, a few Noble stereo pots, some gold plated ceramic octal sockets. Who know what else I will find? ;)

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