I'm also interested to know why would you need such a ridiculous size and high voltage rating combination? Nothing in audio related gear could ever possibly need, or benefit from these capacitors. If it's for an amplifier, why not use in parallel a few smaller capacitors (i.e. 4700uF, 6800uF, etc.)?
You can probably order them through: HARMAN - Premium audio and entertainment for automotive, home, and professional. Speakers, amplifiers, headphones, microphones, home theater and personal audio.
They own Levinson now. Or, you can replace it with a much smaller capacitor, without any degradation in sound. I narrowed it down on Newark, any one of them should work, there's 35 matches, just scroll down to view them all:
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is ok put 200vdc 51000uf
Your Levinson 332 uses Four 50000uf/100V with 125V surge for filter supply and four 1900uf/150V for regulator supply. The 51000uf/200V cornell dubilier cap will not fit in Levinson they are 8.5 inches long. The Cornell dubilier DCMC513T160FE2D Capacitor 51000uf/160V cap is 5.2 inches long. Capacitor must be less than 6 inches long to fit in Levinson. Also there is a capacitor made by Tech Cap 50000uf/125V cap will work for your Levinson. I have these caps for sale.