Capacitor value interpretation

My speaker manual suggests to build the passive crossover by using a capacitor with this spec: "80uf Non-polar Audio Capacitor, 50V Working Voltage".

As I search for capacitors available on the market, they have two voltage parameters; VDC and VAC. Could anybody advise me does the "50V Working Voltage" mean VDC or VAC?

Will it be fine to use a 33uF 35VAC/100VDC in parallel with a 47uF 35VAC/100VDC to form a 80uF 50V Working Voltage?
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Working voltage is the maximum DC voltage the capacitor is intended to operate at. 50 V is a standard value.

You can put two capacitors in parallel for higher total capacitance. As long as they both are spec'ed at 50 V or higher the total combination will be able to handle 50 V.

You're probably aware already, but I figured I'd mention it anyway: Non-polar is the same as bipolar.

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