Capacitor question... Again and again...

Hi all,

I am sure this question has been asked a million times.
So this will be the one million first;

In Pedja Rogic's JFET buffered gainclone circuit, which is;

Should I use WIMA MKS2 or Black Gate Non Polar HQ type capacitors for 1uF and 4u7 positions?

Which gives the best audio performance?

Thanks in advance..
SOLEN- 55862 1.00uF 630v 0.0001 PPE 0.63 x 1.0 (16x25) $2.07
SOLEN- 55866 4.70uF 630v 0.0002 PPE 1.0 x 1.5 (25x38) $3.58

These are the "most acceptable" Metallised Polyprene ones in Partsconexion...

BLKGATE- 60205 NX Hi-Q 22uF (!) 6.3v 5 x 7 $2.25

A blackgate alternative for signal line. Its a bit hi value but best I can find...

So do you think should I use Solen PPE s for both position or Black Gate for signal line and Wima MKS for IRF510??