Capacitor Ground Plates


2001-04-20 8:32 pm

I would like to source some of these plates as it would make things a bit neater inside the amps. Where can I get them from? For the last few years I don't seem to be able to track them down.

I've done a search through some threads, is there any that deals with this?

Any suggestion would be most welcome.


I am assuming that you mean the metal plates you see between big electrolytics, yes? I don't recall ever seeing such a thing sold anywhere. They're trivial to make. Decide on how you want your caps spaced, measure the distance between the terminals, then add at least a quarter to half inch (a centimeter will do nicely, if you prefer metric) and set that as the outside dimension. Draw an X from opposing corners to determine the center of the piece and drill a hole there for something like a 10-32 screw; that becomes your ground.
As for metal, I use some old .040" aluminum that I've got hanging around. That's about as thin as I'd go for a free-standing plate, as thinner metal will not be mechanically stable. Aluminum is good. Copper is good. Think scrap metal--you don't need anything fancy for this.