Capacitance Value for Gudeman Capacitors

The print on the can says 2 x 0.5uf.... but i only see two terminals. Does it mean there are two 0.5uf caps connected in parallel internally and the capacitance across the two terminals is actually 1uf?

Hello Hugo,
No, I do own any of them. Sent enquiry to the seller but have not gotten any response yet. A multimeter with capacitance measurement ability would provide an answer but i have yet to make a purchase due to the uncertainty I have. I thought I could get a quick answer from members who may have them or may have some knowledge about them. Thanks.
We have plenty of plastic and electrolytics here. But these industrial high voltage rated oil caps are not found easily, unless we go for boutique caps in diy audio shops.
I cannot afford boutique oil caps, so i thought I could spare USD8 a pop for these for my tube amp project.
I do not know if they are worth pursuing. And of course i will look up for other possibilities.
^^^^^^ That.
The main point being: "mystery parts", zero data (besides what´s printed on case), but specially: what´s the point?
What sonic advantage do you expect above abbundant and excellent quality plastic capacitors available today?

These shown could have been very good in 1940 or so, not today.

Value is ridiculously low for filtering, and terminals/case make coupling use hard to impossible.
That BIG case will be an excellent antenna for ambient noise pollution.