Canton Karat 100 XO caps

Just dragged home yet another set of speakers, Canton Karat 100s. I wanted to upgrade the XO caps since it sounds a little shrill to me, but the caps aren't actually marked with a clear uF symbol. Can anyone read the cap values from the markings shown on the pics?



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2015-07-04 8:57 am
I know this is a huge bump, but I thought I'd add this here for anyone looking to recap these speakers.

I found this info on a Polish site (Link) and all credit goes to BB84.

1. WEGO ELKO Glatt
2424 6T
Bipolar GPF
Hier weiss ich, dass es 33uF sind.

33 µF / 23 VAC +/-10%; Abm: 18x35mm

2. WEGO Audio Frequency
2902 7T
Bipolar GPF
Maasse 25x14mm

3,3µF / 60 VAC +/-5%; Abm: 14x25mm

3. WEGO Audio Frequency
2103 7T
Bipolar GPF
Maasse 35x18mm

10 µF / 60 VAC +/-5%; Abm: 18x35 mm

These are for the Karat 200s, but they seem to use the same caps, so should be good to go.

Hope this info helps someone, I was looking everywhere for this info.