Can't play flash movies

when I go to

this game page

at work it's all good. At home, I can't get it to do anything but show a black box where the game should be. I have problems playing flash movies apparently...

I went to macromedia and downloaded the latest version, saw the little movie play on their site, still with the black box!

:confused: :dead: :att'n: :bawling:

edit: wondows media won't work either... just tried to watch the karate master at and it downloaded all those megabytes with the controls greyed out, and kicked me backwards on page!
? It's a '97-vintage ATI All-In-Wonder Pro... Before I upgraded from 233 to 1.8G Hz processor with new mobo a while back, I guess I never tried to download stuff at home to watch (dialup). The thing is, since I can watch movies if they are saved files at the house, it's never been a problem to grab them from the cache or the website directly, but this (very fun) game is nested in a way that I don't know how to dig out; part of a page that I don't have permissions for. It also occurs to me that this is the first flash that didn't work for me at home, but I have always had problems with .wmv's