Can't find good 15 inchs drivers

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I'm searching to replace my rather deceptive Pyle pro ppa15 driver.

But I can't find good driver that dosn't cost the moon.

If anyone got good sugestion please tell me.

They are going to be used in small to medium pa situation.

Tank everyone.
Ditto thylantyr, but what are the specs of the driver you're trying to replace, and what does, "doesn't cost the moon mean"?

Go to a decent prosound shop and buy some good second hand JBL, EV, Peavey etc drivers. New, try Eminence or McCauley.
If it's a PA

then you might wish to consider using a horn -- you can get more SPL's per watt from a horn, at the cost (I believe, don't scorch me on this!!!) of some distortion.

what never ceases to amaze me is the number of bands which put their behemoth bass units on a tripod -- not appreciating that if they put them on the floor the coupling would add to the sound pressure. put the mids and tweaters on the tripod, leave the bass units on the floor.
Just got my Lambda TD15 (not TD15M)
and doing some crude free air listening tests indicates what I've been told. This 15" has some excellent midrange qualities, it smoked my Eminence Omega Pro 12" soundwise that was mounted in a sealed box, LOL.

Tonite I install this woofer inabox (tm) and I'm gonna run 600w on it to see if it cries... I snagged the Apollo upgrade to have the uberest of all Lambda's - lol

People also say the TD15M which is purely a midrange
and not a bass/midrange (limited x-max) is even better
sounding, but for my application I need bass.

I wish I had a JBL 15" to compare with, but I don't.
Sorry I didn't explain clearly my problem.

The box I am currently using is 10 cubic feets sealed.

This is not the good dimension for the pyle ppa15 driver:bawling:

(It's not a good speaker anyway)

I want to put better driver and add a port to the box(being that big their should be no problem)

Any suggestion. But i'm really thinking using some eminence driver.
(It'S a three way with a 6.5 inches mid in bi-amp so the woofer d'ont need to play high x-over is at 160hz)
If you seek Eminence 15" then I would look at these;

Delta 15LF
Kappa 15LF
Magnum 15LF
Kilomax 15

Download WinISD beta (or pro) and you can model these
in a ported box, just don't take my word - hehe

Unless I errored, WinISD says (default)
Delta 15LF - 21.7 cubic foot box @28hz
Kappa Pro 15LF - 4.6 cubic foot box @ 41hz
Magnum 15LF - 8 cubic foot box @ 33hz
Killomax 15 - 4.8 cubic foot box @ 42hz

The Delta and Kappa have 4.8 and 5.5 mm x-max

The last two have 7.9mm x-max.

The Magnum seems to look good for 8 - 10 cubic
foot box tuned to around 32-33hz and the higher
x-max is always welcome. WinISD seems to think
a 6" diameter port x 2.9" long is needed to reduce port noise.
Plus these drivers have good sensitivity.
Check for pricing on all Eminence.

If not Eminence, then look at the popular Tempest
from Adire Audio. 9 cubic foot box tuned to ~20hz.
16mm x-max, but lower sensitivity.
what about the 2235 from JBL ofcourse. it is expensive but I have had great expereince with the big brother (2245).

I have used Eminece 8" woofers and 10" woofers. They are not bad. a bit limited in Xmax compared to better brands but I guess they are good for the money. the cones of teh drivers I have sued a ribbed doped paper cones. Cant remember the model numbers.
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