Cant download latest version of Firefox

Whilst my installed Firefox is always bang up to date through the automatic update, when I follow the "download a fresh copy" link on the FF homepage to download a fresh copy it downloads version 43.0.1 when the current version is 45.0

This has been happening to every release since 43.0.1

Any ideas why the download offered to me is always 43.0.1 rather than the latest one?
Change to Mint or one of the many versions of Linux, it is foolish continuing with XP
With Mint you get Firefox and it is updated pretty well automatically.

simple as saving your existing documents, burn the .iso image run it and install, should take
about 40 minutes to be running far better software.Such is the marvellous world of Linux.
You will be asking yourself why you put up with the other for so long.

Cheers / Chris
I'm using xp sp3. There are no messages about not supporting xp though and as I said my installed version has in fact just updated itself again this morning.
It is discontinued. At my work we used XP until last year or the year before because of that. Now we use the old Windows 7....

Personally I use Windows 10 since 2014 and it's fast. It starts on 3-5 seconds on my Mac.
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