Candy Dulfer & Dave Koz

Found this on YouTube today. I've always liked the tune, I've got it by the Isley Brothers in a vinyl jukebox.

This came up on a YouTube link.

She's playing great and still looking good still, at 54.

Good duet with Dave

Can't believe I've had this on a CD now for over 20 years

Dave Koz has recorded with the jazz guitarist Peter White.
He also had a radio show on Jazz FM, a Manchester radio channel about 20 years ago. I think it was syndicated, I don't think he was actually there.
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I know who Doghouse Reilly is. For some reason, doubtless down to my highly Autistic Nature, "Google" identifies me as Female and Gay:


How wrong they are!

But Top Rank to Candy:

Takes all sorts to make a World.

I mean, would you buy a Used Car from this Man?

Donald Trump.jpg

I don't think so.
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