cancelled trip to Portugal and Spain

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Yep, my mother has had some battles with her health over the last couple years and now that she's feeling better she mentioned wanting to go back home to the Azores islands off the coast of Portugal. I was planning to take her there in May. Doesn't look like that's going to be happening.
It's not the time to travel, whole europe is going into a kind of lockdown and it can last 2 months before that is removed. In Belgium everything (schools, sport centra, entertainment, bars, restaurants, clubs, ...) is closed, except shops, and those are limited open. Food and other essential shops (pharmacies, ...) are open all week, others not during the weekend. A lot of companies shut temporally down for a time if possible, and if not, as many as possible work from home. Even some owners of commercial centra did freez the rent during lockdown (If you rent a shop, bar, restaurant or commercial space, you don't pay rent during lockdown of your bussiness) to avoid massive bankruptcy of their customers wich would make them loose more money than they give now...
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I write from Italy and I suggest you all not to travel and avoid having too many contacts with other people as well.

Numbers are growing almost everywhere around 15% per day, somewhere even faster. Most countries say that 60 to 70% of the people will be infected, and that 3% of the people can die if the hospitals do not collapse due to excess of patients. I let you do the calculations on a seven billion population.

With actual numbers, and if the estimation of 60 to 70% of the people to be infected, you can also easily calculate how long it will take to spread.

I don't want to scare anyone, but please be careful. Our lifes will be different in the following months, don't underestimate the fact just because there are few persons infected in your country now. We are living one tragedy that our nefews will study in hystory books.
Hope You speak Portuguese.

Ponto de Situacao Atual em Portugal - COVID-19

Peak expected for the second week of may.

We don't have a complete lockdown but we are close.
Many factories where suspicious cases appeared or were confirmed are closed for disinfection and the workers are in quarantine till blood tests confirmation.
Schools, Universities, Government Institutions, Beaches, Bars, Pubs and Museums, Turism places are closed, but many turists on the streets asking TV reporters what's going on.
The Catholic Church is also on hold, so no visits / excursions to Fátima (Administration / Miracle place), no weddings, no celebrations, no Cults etc.
Restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and Banks have inlet people control.
(Glad I'm retired since Nov)
Government & Social Security is creating special monetary plans for those who can't go to work because of taking care of their children.
We are advised / bombarded by the Social Media or TV stations to stay at home, because if this crisis escalates our Medical Institutions will surely collapse.

I've never seen a crisis like that on my entire life. People become to get scared. It's like a war zone.
Some supermarket shells are empty because of stupid people thinking only for itself.
I wonder what will happen if the Government declares Obligatory Quarantine like Italy or Spain.

Yes and I live a few Km where the first cases were discovered....

If You praise Your life, please stay at home and don't travel.
We live in an Earthquake zone, (Lisbon Earthquake was in 1755) but Portugal will stay in the map, and in a near future we are glad to Welcome You.
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Cameras with body temperature sensors have been incorporated into international airports.
It is already a common practice around the world, they are less invasive with passengers than thermometers that come close to people's foreheads, manipulated by health personnel, which give the impression that they are about to shoot us!

In a controlled environment, thermal cameras have a level of precision that allows you to detect people's body temperature patterns with a difference level of about 0.3 degrees difference.


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I've never seen a crisis like that on my entire life. People become to get scared. It's like a war zone.

I think there were worse pandemics, H1N1 among them.

2009 flu pandemic - Wikipedia

We were all very impressed - at the company I was working with at the time - when a young pregnant woman passed away. We all wore chinstraps and gel alcohol was adopted in those years.
Unlike the coronavirus, influenza A did not differentiate between the age of the population, although COVID-19 appears to be "less bad".
I'm no expert, but thermal cameras are a great idea. Problem is that many disease carriers won't have a fever or other symptoms.
Speaking as someone who lived in Heidelberg, Germany two years, and has widely travelled in Europe, my first question would be "Why would any sane person go there during the winter?" True, perhaps Iberia is the Florida of Europe, but OTHOH I started a bike trip in NL in June 1995 (June!) and it was drizzly, windy, highs in 50s (F). Not that sunny blue skies you see with the tulip fields on the postcards :clown:
I am torn as what to do. In a week i am supposed to travel to Cuba. Few days in Havana, then mostly scuba on the reef. I worked hard to get all organized, casa particular, car rental, scuba trips. Now i will likely have to cancel. Cuba is not a problem, its a travel trough three airports, dc, boston, orlando...

Well maybe Cuba is not a problem, but they think you are a problem:D
Here is the imminent announcement that there will be a mandatory quarantine of the entire population.
The biggest problem is that there are people who they consider to be special and who have to be excepted from everything
concerning a life in community.

Check out the video of this character's reaction!

He returned from the USA two days ago, has a wife and two daughters, but when the building's security personnel warn him that he cannot move freely, he reacts to the blows. Now he is detained at his home and with two legal cases for his irrational actions.

El hombre que violo la cuarentena tiene tres causas y sera indagado en su casa
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