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For Sale Canare L-4E6S raw pro audio cable, 24AWG, 4 cond, 6mm, 97m

Things you have for sale.
Up for sale set of luxury raw mic cable from Canare, quad-type, with 4 conductors! instead 2, what allow to supress typical noises greater, and keep highs pristine.
Also cool to wire studio devices, mics, drumsets/orchestras, etc.

Rare offer: colorful set just at once, with no long previous ordering & waiting when you order from dealers.
5 colors 10-12m each, ~55.28m total.

Manufacturer site : https://www.canare.com/analogaudiocable

Type : L-4E6S

Dia: 6mm

Wires dia: 24AWG
  • brown
  • grey
  • white
  • amber
  • green
Pic of black cable presented to see cable design more detailed, not included in set.

Price lowered from -$250,-
55.28m - $210,-

shipping across EU/UK.
Items will be packed carefully with international tracking across all distance.

Also for sale other items, some presented here, small items can be added into box:
* * *


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