Canadian speakers.

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Does any one here know of a good place to get speakers in canada.. I would like some place to have some audax drivers or focal... i hate buying cheap drivers i want to spend some god coin on some 6.5" drives and a good tweeter.. im building towers and have a realy good idea.. any one please post a link to a place in canada i like but they are in the states..

That makes no sence You buy on line right then you get them shiped to you VIA **** ups you pay your duty crap fees then you open the box then the cow that delivered them to you has left and you find out that your drivers are all bent or smashed because they played foot ball with your shipment..


now how do you get a refund for that YA DOnt you cry because you just spend all that money n smashed products

BEEN there done that with my r/c cars NOT THANKS


Ohhh hehe sorry hehe

Well yo see i live in Prince Rupert B.c and well this little island is small and dont have no good audio store none that will bring in what i want..


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I want these drivers they are a Focal 7"

FOCAL 7NV4411 7" NEOGLASS MIDBASS * Power handling: 90 watts RMS/125 watts max * Voice coil diameter: 1-1/2" * Nominal impedance: 8 ohms * Freq. range: 38-5,800 Hz * Fs: 37.8 Hz * SPL: 89.3 dB 1W/1m * Vas: 1.34 cu. ft. * Qms: 3.12 * Qes: .37 * Qts: .33 * Xmax: 3.5 mm * Dimensions: A: 7", B: 6-1/8", C: 3-1/8", D: 3-15/16".

Im building some towers with 2 x 8" drivers in the side of each tower for bass and a 7" and a planar tweeter

they will sound awsome eheh if i get the Drivers..


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Hello Jason,
You might try Rolph Audio:

Problem is: it's a netherland based store and they only sell Vifa & ScanSpeak.

BUT, they sell the CHEAPEST Vifa & SS drivers in the whole world! No kidding man! I search all vifa & SS distributors in DST distributor list and I found that this Rolph Audio sells the cheapest driver. You also get additional discount if you order > 10 drivers.

They quote their driver in Euro, but if you convert it to US$ (1 euro = 0.87 US$), it's a very low price compare to what partsexpress sell. Also their shipping rate for non europe country:

< 5 kg: Euro 30
5 - 10 kg: Euro 51
10-20 kg: Euro 108
Bank & handling cost: Euro 15

well, not so expensive....

I live in Indonesia, and have the same problem as you do. The huge duty tax was inevitable, so I arrange a little trick to deal with it. I found a shipping forwarder in Singapore (in my case) that can ship electronic goodies to my country (Indonesia) WITHOUT having to pay for import tax. So, I send my goods to my forwarder first ( in singapore), and then the forwarder will sent the goods directly to me. In your case, you should find a forwarder that can sent your goodies without paying the import tax.

Good luck!

yeah that could work too but alberta is sweet one tax fo rme and i can use my works purlator number for free shippin hehe

i cant wait to build some speakers

ill see if this pic work here are my old tower that i build 5 years ago and they were awsome now i have a devent job i can pay for actual decent drivers


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