Can you tell she's beautiful, just from the sound of her voice?

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And as the Northern Pikes noted “She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way”

This could easily devolve into another one of those circle jerk threads.

How about “that voice, from that little thing?” - for which I’ll open with Angelina Jordan Astar - yup, that’s her family name.
YouTube is your friend
A few years ago I worked on a team that was 24/7, I would start my shift at 7AM taking over from a group based in Manila. Another team that escalated issues to us had members in the US and in London. I think some of the LN folks waited for the Canadians to start our shift (no offense to Filipinos but we were technically stronger), so I would often get a phone call at about 7:05 from London, and this amazing British accent would greet me like "Good morning, Bill, this is Gurbir." For all I knew she might have weighed 300 lbs and had a face like nine miles of bad road, but that voice! I would have agreed to anything she asked me as long as she kept talking. (A couple of years later I talked with her manager, who told me she was in fact very nice to look at and a lovely person.)
In about 1971 I went to a Community College in the morning, and ran the service department at an Olson's Electronics store after school. My trip from the school took 15 to 30 minutes depending on traffic. I listened to one of the popular radio stations of the day, and there was a female DJ who's show ended every afternoon at 3PM. EVERY day she ended her show with the Moody Blues song Watching and Waiting. She also had THE VOICE. This went on for at least 6 months, but about the same time that my school schedule changed, she vanished from the radio, and I forgot all about her.

Maybe 2 years later I was behind the stage at one of the free concerts that the city of Miami put on in the summer to "keep the kids off the street." I heard THE VOICE, and turned to see the person that produced it on stage with a microphone introducing a band.

she might have weighed 300 lbs and had a face like nine miles of bad road, but that voice!

That statement was pretty accurate. Also, her "radio voice" and her conversation voice were not the same.

She turned out to be a pretty nice person and a University of Miami student. She had been on the radio off and on for most of the 2 years, but her radio schedule changed with her class schedule. The store where I worked was maybe 1000 feet from the U of M campus, and I saw her a couple times in the store and on campus, until she graduated and I left Miami in 1973.
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