Can someone suggest a small enclosure sub?

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I heavily suggest you to avoid car subwoofers. Especially for home theater.

This is a much better subwoofer for a similar price. It will perform much better. It's able to move TWICE the amount of air and handle TWICE the amount of continuous power.

I agree that it's not cute, but the sound quality is head and shoulders above that Pioneer.

As you see, the Vas isn't that high at 1.62 cu.ft so it will work well in small boxes.

Good luck !
He's just looking for deep bass without lots of space.

12 inch is the way to go, 15 is too big for a small box to play deep notes.

The Dayton and Peerless are great subs, but a bit pricey, and the peerless does not have the best power handling if you have a big amp. The Dayton is pretty awesome with the Alumimum cone and big coil,

If you shop carefully, you can get a good car sub for not too much money AND get good sound quality. You CAN use a car sub for Home Theater if you get a good sub. IMO Don't get a speaker with a dome or dust cap, because they can come off or get loose and rattle with high power! :eek:

A Sony 120 or 121P5 Sub in a 1.25 or 1.5cu ft sealed box will go really deep and sound good, the ones with a solid cone and NO dust cap is what you would want. Plays 20hz bass well.
any driver with a healthy motor and lots of xmax coupled with a linkwitz transform.

it's REAAAAAAAAAAAAAL easy to build up a linkwitz transform circuit and piggyback it on the filter board of the plate amp. has the LT has the cheap 350W plate amps.

I have a stryke AV15 in a box that's 18x18x10 inches (estimated from 15 ft away) and it shakes the house.

It doesnt matter whether the sub is car audio or home audio, as long as it can take the power , have long xmax. home and car subs have similar parameters.

There are plenty of 12" car subs that would operate in 1.5 ft3 sealed, Try rockford fosgate, JL audio, Mtx, kicker solobaric and other good branded subs, Dont bother with the cheap ones, They're not worth the money, They wont be as good as the more expensive ones.

I also recommend the Dayton RSS315HF-4 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm , it would work well in a 1.5 ft3 box. I'm about to buy 2 myself. And it's reasonably priced at $138- at PE.
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