Can Someone solve my buzz/Hum noise from turntable

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Having some buzzing/Hum type noise coming out of speakers only when volume is turned up a bit. This only happens when I use my turntable. When playing music at say 1/3 volume, you really can't hear it. Is this a normal thing with turntables?

Any Help will be appreciated!
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Hello, As mentioned above, check your TT's ground connection to the RX. If that is solid, sources your TT can pickup hum from are things like fluorescent lights(CFLs), power supplies, etc. Try to route your TT's signal leads away from it's and other equipment's power wires. If they have to cross, do so at a right angle(perpendicular) where they cross. Noise can be introduced from a poor connection at the headshell to tonearm junction, or from a poor connection between the cartridge and signal leads. Check/clean/secure the connections from the cartridge-headshell-tonearm-TT's interior-signal leads(patch cables). You will likely find the trouble somewhere there. Good luck. -discreteouts
PS Don't rule out the TT's patch cables, defective ones can be a common cause of hum. If the hum comes from only one channel, swapping the L/R leads can help narrow your choices.
Thanks guys for trying to help!

Here is a little more info on my set-up and what I have done. My turntable is a Denon DP-30L direct drive that was purchased in the mid 80's. I have taking very good care of it all of these years. Just recently, I decided to change the original RCA cord with something better. So I replaced it with a Scosche EFX double shielded dual channel twisted audio type. I desoldered the old RCA's and resoldered the Scosche's in its place. I also used a single piece of 14AWG soldered seperately to the ground. The Scosche cord plugs into my Parasound phono pre-amp input L/R and the single 14awg I used for ground, is connected to the ground connector on the phono pre-amp. The other RCA cord that I am using to run from the output side of the phono preamp to my intergrated tube amp input is an Acoustic Research Pro Series Directional Balanced line audio cable. I made sure that it was connected in the correct signal path direction. My phono cartridge is a Sumiko Oyster. I also brought my Parasound phono pre-amp by a local Hi-end Audio store and had someone check it out and it worked fine with their equiptment.

What can I try to do at this point?

Thanks again guys!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.