Can I Use This?

Can I Use This Power Amp With A Guitar Preamp

Do you want to run an amp dedicated for hi-fi as a guitar amp or you want to use guitar preamp for hi-fi?
I guess first. If I'm correct, than yes, 90 Watts power amp is probably suitable for guitar unless you want to overdrive it. Than you would need more output devices.

I Need An 80 volt 1.5 ampere Power Supplie, Is It Possible To Do It?
No, you need more current if you want to run 8ohm speaker.

Do I Have To Put 100 volt rated capacitors?
Yes. Or even more.
Yes, you can produce a 90 watts RMS amplifier using 2N3055 transistors

Also you can construct a 70 volts supply, using the external wires of a conventional 35 plus 35 symetrical supply.

Of course, a 90 volts supply can be constructed using a common 45 plus 45 volts simetrical supply, changing rectifier connections.

Yes, you will need 100 Volts rated capacitor.

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