Can I use anything in this to make a chip amp

If it works, why bother?

If not, why not fix it?

If you just have to (or are itching to) modify it for a GC amplifier, you can likely use the transformers, rectifiers, capacitors (if they are still good), heatsinks and chassis with hardware. The voltage on the power supply may need to be modified but that is doable.
That Rotel amplifier has potential to become a very good sounding amp.

Go here and have a look at this thread:

Do contact that Rotel's owner to see what he did and worked well.

There's a circuit there for you to have a look.

To start with do upgrade those RCA input jacks with something more decent. The speaker connectors could be changed too.

There's good potential for improvement by upgrading the capacitors, particularly the input cap (C602) and the DC feedback cap (C606).

The feedback resistors should be the best you can afford. Mouser stocks the Caddock MK132 in 10K and 500R values, which you can use to replace R636 and R312 respectively.

The small capacitors should be upgraded for polystyrene or polypropylene, particularly if they are ceramics.

In the supply you may try similar MUR 860 diodes to those used on GCs to replace the bridges.

How old is the amp? A PS caps upgrade might be in order.