Can anyone identify these drivers?

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I found a pair of DIY made speakers down at the GW. Cabinet construction seems good. Brought them home and hooked them up, sound pretty good but a tweeter is open and not playing. There are no really good identifying markings on them to see if I could find a replacement. I'd be interested to know who made the midbasses too, they've been re-foamed looks like. If I knew the maker of the mid then I could solicit the forum here for suggestions for a good set of replacement tweeters? Or maybe I should just take them back to the GW and get my money back? The stamped number on the tweeter is 55144384, about 1" dome, made in the USA, and something hand written, not sure what. The midbass is a 6.5ish inch, 738 clearly stamped with something else illegible above it, made in Denmark also stamped on the pole, 8nx 87-9-11 stamped on the back of the cone.

Mostly I'd like to know what drivers they are to know if they are 'well thought of' so I can decide if I should keep them (plus repair them), take em back, or try to resell them.

The woofer could-if it's a black PP cone-be the 165WF 33/100PPB(the numbers aren't totally meaningless;165mm,woofer,foam surround,33mm voice coil,100mm magnet,polypropylene black).From the 1988 catalog.There's also probably a earlier version of this woofer with a slightly different number.

Speaking of numbers-did you know that the classic KO10DT tweeter also was called 115DT 26/72 SF?
I'm patient. I've got EPI's out in the shop been waiting for a couple years to fix. Some Smaller Advent too.

I think these speakers I got at the GW would sound quite nice if they were both working correctly. Seems if you can't find the single tweeter that the tweeters might be available on ebay for not to much money, assuming that if I got a single it would be a close enough match to the one I have. Anybody know if the tweeters Polk used are exactly the same?

Are there modern tweeters that would fit the hole, sound better, match with the woofer, and not cost an arm and/or leg?


Also, the woofer does have a poly type cone.
For many years I've had this tweeter sitting on a shelf. It works but I have not used it. Its has a rectangular faceplate 3" X 4.5" and a 1" dome. The magnet on the back is 2.75" in diameter. It has no markings as to manufacturer but for some reason I remember it as being a Peerless. I know it is not an Audax tweeter but it closely resembles Audax tweeters of that vintage. It does has the number 25143677 stamped on the back.

Any serious interest in it? If so I will post a picture.

Dick West said:
For many years I've had this tweeter sitting on a shelf.

This tweeter like the one in the picture I posted on my gallery? If it's a match for the tweeter I need to replace then I'd be interested, depending on what you'd want for it... I'm not rich and my wife doesn't complain as long as I keep expenditures to a minimum. It isn't hard to have fun in this hobby for not to much money if you shop at thrift stores. These speakers in particular are probably the most expensive set I've purchased at $18.99 for the pair. Looks like they've got some nice drivers in them though so I'm not going to complain to loudly.

For a temp fix so I could play them for a bit and see what I thought I stuffed/wedged a 1.5" Seas from an A-25 in the hole. Sorta works but leaks air around it. Been playing them at low level on my newly completed AMP6 tied to my PC. Sound nice enough that I want to get the right tweeter.

What I have looks identical to your pictures. The faceplate on mine has a light blemish along part of one edge, which I guess was the result of someone removing it. But, the faceplate is not bent and the tweeter is fully functional -- as far as I can tell. I am listening to it as we speak, crossed 2nd order at around 2500 hz.

It plays nice and looks identical to your pictures; plus, as I mentioned, I remember from years back that it is a Peerless tweeter. I kept it around as a spare for a project but it was never used, and then I thought sometime someone might need it.

If interested put $16 in my PayPal account and I will send it in a flat rate Priority Mail box. This amount pays for the postage, Delivery Confirmation number, PayPal fee, and leaves me $5 or so for the tweeter and my time to mail it. Send me a private message that shows your email address and I will respond with my PayPal account name.

BTW, I grew up in Union, OR. Wish I was still out west instead of northern Illinois.:)

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