Can anybody ID this? Possibly by Adire...


2013-02-09 11:08 am
Hi all, Have enjoyed this site for a while, but this is my first post, so please forgive if this ought to be posted in the "subwoofer" forum (wasn't sure). But here is my situation: I have been given a powered sub by a friend who bought a couple at an auction a few years back. He said that a lot of gear from Adire Audio's liquidation was auctioned off there, but didn't have more details than that. Since I only had that to go on, I researched Adire's products. Found an archived copy of their site and went thru ALL the products they were selling at the time of archival... didn't see this thing. However my hunch that they made it was reinforced by what I did find: my device looks EXACTLY like the Rava, in the gloss black finish, except smaller. MY sub here has an 8" woofer and weighs about 15 lbs (vs the Rava's 12" & 65 lbs). No designations or logos, except for "S80" on the amp.
Would love to know what this is; did Adire make these? What is the wattage output of the amp? Most of all, I'd love to learn the specs -- this thing sounds AMAZING! Truly omni-directional bass.
Anybody got an idea?


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