Can any one understand this page

Jupp, looks like it's based on the National Semiconductor:

- LM3875 56W Audio Power Amplifier chip.
- LM3886 68W Audio Power Amplifier chip w/mute.
- LM675 some sort of Power OP amp.

Probably it's some sort of Gaincard clone. I'm currently thinking of building a version based on the LM3875 chip.
You can find more info on:

- Gainclone
- IC Amp

The Gaincard amplifier cost $3,300 and is based on some chip amplifer probably costing around $5. It would be interesting to try and build something like it for $100.

This is a chinese DIY site based in Taiwan. They sell kits and PCB's. It's a writeup of the experience in building one of their IC amp kit.

Unless you want to build this kit, it's not very useful to understand what all the chinese words are about, if you really want to understand, email me, I can translate it for you.