Can any one recomend a good cd player

I know this topic has been posted and im sorry for posting it again but i am looking for a decent cd player that will sound good with my aleph 1.7 balanced pre-amp and my aleph amps can any one point me to a good cd player some thing that is realy decent and affordable mabey 500 people say to buy a dvd player with mp3 capability but i dont know if that will be good i seen one for like 250 canadian but i woud like some thing kinda along the lins of top of the line.. AND SILVER has to be silver eheh



2002-06-06 4:43 am
Good CD player

With all due respect to your view point, many good CD players come without a 'silver' lining. In fact they sometimes fade away till someone rediscovers them. Take for example the Rotel 855 or 955. They were good players and very robust mechanically. I see that people are buying them for 50 to 100 US dollars on the used market. Make a few mods on it and it sounds as good or better than machines costing many times its original price of about 400 dollars.Think about it .