Cambridge audio Azur 840E Schematic, Service Manual


I am trying to fix my Azur 840E Preamp from Cambridge audio. Some of the resistors are damaged and needs to be replaced. Problem is that they are burnt so bad that the color code is no longer visible.
Therefore I was wondering if anybody on this forum have the scematics or the service manual for this preamp?
Any help is appreciated :)

Hey. I wanted to ask you to send me a service manual for Cambridge Audio Azur 840E. I have two faults, the encoder when rotating to the right reduces the volume abruptly and Vice versa. Also, sometimes the signal in the left channel disappears, but if you rotate the encoder, then for a split second the signal is restored with each new step, but then again disappears.
I would like to ask if it is possible to send me a service manual on Azur 840E to the address
Thanks so much