Cambridge 640C V2 Thumps When Disc Ejected


2010-01-22 5:09 pm
Hi all. I have a Cambridge 640C V2 CD player that causes a relatively loud thump through the speakers when ejecting a disc that has been playing for a while. It sounds like DC offset so I'm wondering if this might be a static problem although it occur throughout the summer. I'm thinking static because the disc has to be playing for a while. Any suggestions to solve this problem would be appreciated.
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Just adding comment here as a matter of interest.

I bought a 340 a few years back and that had the same problem.

I took it back to Richer Sounds where it was exhanged, so I don't know what was wrong with it..


What I can say is that the fault is most likely on the servo board and not the DAC / Audio board, simply because the servo board is a common component to all three models. Audio output is in fact derived from this servo board on the 340 too.

Hope this is of some help.