Cal's next venture

4 X 12" Community 0.8 ohm woofers
plus Sammi 12" coax.
68" high


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But ordinary drivers of nominal 8 Ohm impedance have 5~6 Ohm DCR / about 3 Ohm DCR to 4 nom., no?

Are these 1 or 2 Ohm double VC woofers?

Hi, Yes like you I've found most 8 ohm woofers measure around 6 ohm DCR. No argument there. These are single coil and measure .7 to .9 DCR even though the OEM type sticker clearly states 0.8 ohms impedance. I've not run into anything like these other than of course the Dr. Bose specials. They are a medium quality stamped steel 2" coil PA type driver.
That's all well & fine, but whaddya gonna put in the living room-- you know, where the BIG speakers live!!
(Good Luck with your project!)

4 of those woofers in a vented alignment oughta have no problem with being refridgerator sized


Cal, have you considered an obstructed dipole? That can mass load it and push fs down/Qts up if I understand it correctly. The most common style is the "Ripole".
This is just another "Gotta scratch that itch" project. I don't have a use for the speakers but in the new configuration they will take up less room so that's what got me started. What I really need is some teenagers with a lust for volume to come visit. I have a bunch of this kinda stuff just gathering dust and it would go nicely in someone's basement. Once I clear some room I can start building some real speakers for me! This one is nice 'cause it uses up 10 drivers in one go. :)

Amp? not sure, maybe something beefy. Mind you these only need 10 watts. The things will only have an F3 of about 50Hz and a sensitivity of around 100dB plus or minus so I'll have to be careful.