calculating windings for mH

Hi guys i searched and found useful links to how to calculate them but i dont have an Ai value for my bobbins so i can t figure it out :xeye:

if someone could look at this photo of the bobbins ( diameter = 11mm ,height = 18 mm ) and give me a ball park figure on how many turns to get .6 mH and .3 mH i would appreciate it. I am jury rigging a winder now with a adjustable drill and some screw drivers. This is just to tide me over till solen stuff arrives.

Thanks i appreciate it.:smash:


2005-04-24 11:55 pm
oooops photo would be nice i guess. These are what i was going to wind them on .3 and .6 mH ..... apparently they have a value (the bobbins) but i dont know what it is or what the formula to calculate their value is. So again , if someone is extremely familiar with winding inductors and could tell me approx how many turns that dia and height with 20 guage wire will make those values i would love you for the rest of the day. :D ;)


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cool thanks i grabbed it . Still havent as yet found a multimeter that reads inductance. Radio Shack(the SOurce) doesnt even carry that stuff any more. Going into electric avenue China Town North) tommorow in Toronto and track one down, and a winder if possible. I broke down and bought solid core inductors in needed values today at Active Surplus here in T.O. I dont know if thats going to sound Cackkk or not.