Cable manufacturer fraud convicted?

Some years ago I read about a british cable manufacture that was convicted for fraud. The cable inside was standard cable from a major brand, and nothing was done to make the cable better. The cable manufacturer sold it as high end speaker cable at many times the standard price.

The company was convicted as i recall, becaus they did no add the value they claimed, and because the price was way over the standard price (1.000 og 10.000 the standard price).

Anyone who can recall this, and maybe link to the article?
the company claiming they did some value adding, and in reality that did absolutely nothing to improve the standard cable - only the increased the price.
Dunno, selling something at a higher price than actual cost is the very essence of Capitalism , it runs true even under Communism, and hyping real or imagined benefits of product or service being offered is the very essence of Commerce, Marketing, Publicity, whatever.
By itself, not illegal, quite the contrary, except in some extreme case when actual *damage* is done, and that's very iffy, the case must be very clear.