cable hack to use klipsch promedia 5.1 with stereo?

I would like to make a cable to hook up a regular stereo output to klipsch 5.1 promedia speakers which require 6 channels, the two for the sub and center should be mono. It seems like when I combine the right and left channels for mono, that all channels would be mono. I have attached a crude diagram to show what I mean. Is there a way to keep the right and left signals from combining on the other four channels?


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splitters @ radio shack

ok, does it have the smaller stereo plugs to plug into the back of the computer? (ie. same size as mini headphone jacks found on walkmans)
if so go to radio shack - get the adapter that allows for two mini jacks to plug into one jack - that will get you the left & right front and rear channels. (what I did for my old 4.1 promedia set)
Buy two additional splitters (two mini jacks into one) and plug them into the first splitter. This will allow for 4 plug ins - one for right frnt/rear, one for left front/rear, one for center and one for sub. If I remember, plugging in a mono plug into stereo will do for the sub. (Tho it may only pick up one channel of the stereo...)
to diagram it
______________| <- splitter 1
____splitter 2->| | <-splitter 3
____________ /\ /\
____________a bc d
a: left front/rear
b: right front/rear
c: center channel
d: sub

best of luck
Yeah thats the thing, the sub and center is one stereo type 3.5 mm plug that -should- have 2 mono signals as opposed to stereo. I found some more info on the web about mixing signals and I don't think its going to be possible with the cables. I suppose I could just use splitters like you suggested and drive the sub from the left channel and the center from the right. I'm not sure that would sound ok though. Any other suggestions? I wish they still made the 4.1. Maybe ebay...