Cable Absolution: Pay Your Penance With the Dual Quad Litz

NOTE: The mention of a "previous thread" refers to my original posting of this on another audio forum.

In a previous thread I gave an example of how one could make a simple, proper litz cable using a four wire braid made of wire wrap wire or magnet wire. I also added that if one were really into a bit of punishment, they could take four of the litz cables and braid them together as well.

Well, I was feeling rather guilty today over all of my unabsolved sins and thought I'd dish out a bit of penance for myself and made up a 1 meter pair of what I guess could best be described as "dual quad litz."

For each "conductor" I used four strands of 30 gauge silver over OFHC Tefzel wire wrap wire. But any insulated wire will work including magnet wire. Each individual litz cable has a composite wire gauge of 24 which means that when each pair of the overall quad are combined, you effectively get a 21 gauge cable.

Here's the final result:

<img src="">

And here's a closeup showing a bit more detail:

<img src="">

I'm using four-pin Redel connectors so each of the litz cables goes to its own pin, so for using it with RCAs or XLRs, just tie together each pair (i.e. blue to blue and white to white) as you would a regular twisted quad cable.

Seeing as I'm not a fly-speck analytical listener, I can't offer any fly-speck analysis of my results. To that end, I'll simply quote Arthur from the movie of the same name when asked what it was like being rich:

<i>It doesn't suck.</i>

I also felt that they significantly bested my current nude Canares (Canare L-4E6S microphone cable with the jacket and shield stripped off). That rather irked me a bit because now I'll need to make up another longer pair to try for loudspeaker cable.

Anyway, I found the mindless tedium required to make and terminate them to be worth it in the end.

And by the way, I'm not attempting to claim any originality for this design. I'm sure someone somewhere has done it before.