Cabinets for FE207Es

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Im looking to have new cabinets built for my FE207Es. Theyre currently in 35L BR cabinets, but Im torn between the Metronome and Half-Chang. My musical interests are primarily downtempo/ambient, electronica, blues, and some classic rock. Believe it or not, the FE207Es do great with electronica, they dont miss a thing amongst all the layers of tracks that play through them. My listening space is about 18 x 14. Ive read quite a bit about he Metronome, and the values for the Zobel and BSC circuits. What would be good starting values with the Half Chang? Im leaning more towards the Half Chang since it would be easier to mount a super tweeter up top in the event I decide to add one.
I would go for the Double bass reflex recomende by Fostex.
I had the FE207 and there are very nice drivers. I had them in BR like yours with Aurum Cantus G2si. The Aurums I didn't like or there were not working properly.
Then I sold the whole lot and built a 2 way BR with Scan Speaks. Very nice and diferent (I wouldn't day better) it's a matter of taste.
After all this I bought at ebay a pair of FX120's for less than 150 Euros. Great bargain!! and now I'm back to the fostex Fullrangers wich sound beatiful, nice and mild. And YES, they can play electronic music very nicely.
I will probabilly pair these with Fostex FT17H tweeters as I can't find the T90A for a reasonable price. Also the ribbons I didn't like, at least the Aurums. May be the Founteks or HiVi isodynamic tweeters work well. But with the FT17H is as simmple as to add a 0.33 uF cap and that's it. I'm very limited with electronic figures, so I can only DIY from plans or recomendations.

Still, as for the box I would do the 2x Bass reflex.
I have built both HCs and Mets. With Mets I have used Fostex FE108eSigma and F120A; and FE167e Mets will be my next build. The smaller drivers seem to do quite well in the Mets, but with an 8" driver, I think I would go for the HC, especially since you are likely to want to add the supertweeter.
Cheers, Jim
Im undecided how I want to go about the "port" on the HC. I like the stepped look, but the angled piece looks easier to do. If i use the angled port instead of the stepped port, what do I use to fill in the space under the wood? Or is it just left empty?

I've used everything from BB shot, dried sand, glass bead "blasting" media, to clay based kitty litter to fill such voids. I also included a tapered brace between the back and angled front panel on 2 pairs of Brynn.

Just make sure the access port is large enough and located near one end of the void cavity to allow for easy removal, should that ever be necessary. I'd suggest near a front corner of the bottom, with a small cover plate - if you're planning on spikes or additional plinth base, you wouldn't need to recess the plate.
Thank you all for the advice. :) Ill probably end up using sand for under the port mouth. Im really looking forward to the end of winter when my system will finally be complete. My Christmas presents to myself will be a Twisted Pear Opus and a Foreplay III, which should sound lovely with my 6B4G SET.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.