cabinet suggestions for dual 15" jbl woofers

I have 4 JBL 15" woofers and would like to either purchase or build a pair of cabinets to run them as dual driver setups in the nightclub I work at. I have 4 cabinets running one 18" in each right now and with the new renovations we need to add a little more kick to the far end of the room. I am wondering if anyone has built a set before and what are any suggestions regarding band-pass, folded horn, etc., or any websites that i could find plans to build these at. I'm extremely confused as it seems that everything i've looked at states that it is for a specific driver :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
The enclosure you wish to build may very well depend on exactly what you wish to use these drivers for, ie what frequencies do they need to cover and at what volume. What sort of horizontal coverage do they need to have in degrees.... in verticle degrees? Which drivers? BTW two 15 inch drivers are just about equal in cone area to one 18 inch driver.

Thank you for your responses these should give me some reading for a day or so and will hopefully help me make a decision on what I should be building. I really like the looks of the cabinets that Planet10 posted the pics of at
and would be interested in the plans if anyone happens to have a copy of them, or know where I could find some that are similar.