Cabinet for AN 12'' cast frame?


2008-12-03 12:15 pm

I have a pair of AN12'' cast frame but wondered which cabinet I should build? This is because 2.8 big port is not specialized for AN12'' (this model designed for several drivers as I know). Please advice which cabinet I should build to have best sound of AN12'' cast frame.
Depends what you mean by 'best' I'm afraid. Aside from personal taste, that means it will depend on your amplifier, the size of your room, the size cabinet you can cope with and any aesthetic requirements on top of that.

To throw out a couple of baseline examples based purely on the published data sheets*, a 4th order (flat) vented alignment per Keele will be 16.942ft^3with an Fb of 29.225Hz, while a 0.7Qtc sealed box is 8.357ft^3. As flat alignments are rarely a good idea in practice, the vented box will either need damping, or tuning lower to keep it in step with room-gain.

*two additional observations to keep in mind here:
1/ on present information the accuracy of the AN data sheets is questionable, and
2/ David Dicks has stated that he believes Theile & Small (& presumably Don Keele too) should be taken out, tarred & feathered, so these boxes deviate substantially from his approach to enclosure design.
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