Cabinet Design Software

I am looking for the BEST software available regarding the simulation of speaker cabinets.

So far I've found two promising leads:

WinSpeakerz- This software looks like the best I've found. It simulates the properties of the individual drivers and allows you to customize the box to your needs. Also has Automobile Cabin simulation for car audio enthusiasts, which I'm also interested in. It accompanies a book written by the man who wrote the software called Introduction to Speaker Design. It is apparantly a great book regarding the fundamentals of audio and speaker design, and is focused on the amateur. Which sounds great for me.

Eminence Designer - This was designed primarily for Eminence Drivers, but offers the ability to input your own Thiele Small parameters. I'm not sure if it offers car audio simulations, because I can't seem to find much information about the software, but it sounds like quality code.

If anyone has anything to say about these two pieces of software, please let me know.

And if you know of any other software that you found to be helpful. Let me know.
Hi, I want to build a loudspeaker, and I need a software for the cabinet design (I want to align the speakers angle/time so the box could become a little complex).
I'm talking about the wood panels, how to cut/attach them etc.

Does anyone know a software that could suit my needs?

No AutoCAD, because it is a complex software and it isn't desgined for
speaker cabinets!

Is there a software that could help tweaking the box to eliminate
standing waves and resonances, or so?
this would really improve the sound!

Thank you vrey much!