Cabinet builders in Perth?

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Give Pat a ring. WAR Audio is in the phone book.

He's not cheap. I paid $350 just for the cabinets, but they were one inch thick MDF, and he did a very good job. That price didn't include the finish, as I finished them myself with shellac and furniture wax.

What sort of speakers are you making?
They might not be what you are after.

Pat specialises in putting together very high end speaker systems.

My cabinets came completely unfinished. Getting them finished would have added a further cost.

However, I was very impressed with the quality of the work of this cabinet maker.
Hi Neil,

I want a small bookshelf suitable for the bedroom. After that it will be speakers for the study.

When you've had a taste of the good stuff everything else sounds so muffled. So I'm planning to upgrade each room, one at a time. :)

Bedrooms are small so size and placement is critical- something around 0.25cu ft- dimensions around that 1' tall, 6.5" wide, and 9" deep. Low to mid-priced drivers. (US$75 of drivers per side)

Have you come across any speakers, built for the bedroom, in mind? eg. placed on bedhead, close to walls.

I have a shortlist of designs but haven't finalised yet... Front runner is the HDS/XT or HDS/DX, but crossover count is high and also needs to be imported.

A few two ways mini-monitors with 4.5" midbass look interesting, but the engineering design does not as solid as John's L18. The final l test is in the listening, of course...
That's a good one to try. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it sounds VERY similar to the L18RNXP/27TBFCG design. Apart from lower sensitivity and slightly less bass, probably just as good overall.

With bedroom space limitations I want the smallest box possible for a given woofer. I had considered Mark K's Sealed Usher "satellites" , but again, getting the parts into Australia is cost prohibitive. :-(
I once made an enquiry to Parts Express for 4x 6.5" woofers + 2x 1" tweeters. Shipping to Perth, the capital of Western Australia is ~US$60, which seems reasonable. However, it is via "USPS Surface Economy" which takes 4~8 weeks (travels by sea). It is insured, but not trackable.

I haven't made email enquries (USPS SE quotes are not given online) for any cabinets. The default option shown online is UPS Air Mail, which is rather expensive and because it's by air, also sure to attract duty and taxes. It costs about US$150 to ship these $111 nice gloss black 0.25 cu ft cabinets, which is a perfect size match for this, or this.

As you can tell, I'm looking for cabinets AND designs. Just so tight on time for DIY at the moment.

If I was living in the states, I've have a whole bunch of those PE cabinets ready and waiting for John's past and future designs. Will beg/borrow/steal money for loudspeaker parts later. :)

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