Bypassing switcher

Hi, I want to run my car amp off the mains, not via 12volts but, by bypassing the switchmode supply and using a Linear supply.
I have found what I believe to be the smoothers and rectifiers, and at the smoothers measured +/- 9v, (Fed from a battery charger). Funny, my battery charger, no load, measured 11 volts:confused: ?? Somewhat 3 volts low. So would I place 22volts at the smoothers, and should I isolate the switcher or leave it??

Please help.


iUSERTLO72p :)


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You'll need a split supply (both positive and negative voltage). To know what the secondary voltage should be, you need to get the power supply in the amp working properly. With 11 volts in, you should have more than ±9v.

When you find the right split supply for the amp, you can remove the rectifiers and connect the split supply to the center legs of the rectifiers (assuming that the output of the rectifiers is on the center leg).

There may be muting issues that you'll have to deal with also.