Bypass your adjustable regulators ADJ pin to ground to hear another veil drop...


2002-04-08 6:41 pm
Hi all,

In my CD player (Rotel 955, 16 bit, zero oversampling, passive IV conversion, Guido tent clock, every chip with its own regulator, etc) I have just completed an exercise in bypassing all the LM317's/LT1085s ADJ pins in the power supplies with a 100uF tantalum capacitor (thats probably overkill, recommended is 10uF IIRC). I also placed a 470nF/10nF ceramic cap combo on teh inputs/outputs of each regulator. This is in addition to the 1000uf or so that already exists at the in/output of each regulator.

The effect is to lower the noise floor and more details (always the same heh?) are now available, more transient information, more emotion and it appears that the music flows more easily and is more live/emotive.
Sorry, all mushy descriptions, but a worthwhile (not night and day) tweak.