Bypass Balance Pot

Hi Folks ,

just trying to bypass a dead balance control on my old faithful Bryston BP5 pre-amp .... cant find find specific schematic for this model and the Alps part number for the pot is non longer online .

I have removed the pot leaving six solder points to be bypassed .

I understand that the opposites are ground and centre are R & L signal . Bearing in mind the top of the photo is the front , how would I configure the jumpers .

Yep , IZA newbie at the stuff ..any and all help appreciated .

Thank you, Rich


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Most of these balance pots are the same.
First, did you try Deoxit spray and get right in there at the wipers, apply as directed and follow up with fader lube.
To help,
1) Try to supply a Alps PN and/or a pic
2) Did you contact Bryston for a new pot? I anyone will support their product, with replacement parts, it should be Bryston.
3) All you need to do is short the wiper to the hot terminal, which is the one that is not at ground potential, assuming that the bal pot is being used in a single ended not differential config.

Good Luck