Bybee Quantum Purifier Measurement and Analysis

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This thread is forked from the Bybee Quantum Purifier Experience thread, which has been closed. We hope to acquire at least one Bybee Quantum Purifier for measurement and analysis. I am currently soliciting contributions (with a suggested amount of $10 USD) to be applied towards the purchase of a Quantum Purifier. So far we have "verbal" commitments from 5 members, including myself.

SY has graciously volunteered to perform the measurements:

If Bybee's devices do ANYTHING beyond emptying the wallets of the gullible, it will show up in measurements of noise spectra, distortion, frequency response, RF immunity, or whatever. As I said, any testing I do is FULLY documented and will follow the suggested claims of the particular device purchased for this. If there is some kind of effect (beyond that expected from a 0R2 or whatever resistor), I'll be the first one to sing its praises. I freely admit that I don't expect this to be the case, but as I said, my methodology will be transparent, fully documented, and replicable. I think that John [Curl] will admit that I am quite competent and appropriately equipped to run these tests.

The unit I have selected for testing is the Large Quantum Purifier, available from Michael Percy:

Large purifiers (typically used in AC applications, and with loudspeaker transducers): $92.00 each
  • Length: 2 inches
  • Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Leads: one inch, 14 gauge copper
  • Current-handling: 15 A Voltage: >1000 V

The plan is that I will purchase the device and arrange for shipment to SY. All financial transaction will occur via PM.

I would like at least 4 additional reasonably believable commitments before I pull the trigger and order hardware.

Here's our chance to get some quality measurements from one of these devices instead of complaining that measurements are not available. Anyone else willing to cough up a tenner for the cause?
NOTE: Some test results are HERE.
A small summary of results HERE

You'll want at least two of them- the ad copy suggests that the "full effect" is not realized unless there's one in both the "hot" and "ground" legs. My measurement system is capable of running both single-ended and balanced.

Measurements and test setup will be fully reported. The nice thing about doing this in a forum is that if there are questions on results, suggested changes in measurements or setup, or suggested additional measurements, these can be done as well- we're not limited to my first crack at this.

John's posted spectrum, though totally without any information on test setup, suggests that the claimed effects are of a large magnitude so should be easy to spot.
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