buzz buzz... probleme with VSPS

hello all.
first, sorry for my bad english, i will try to explain my problem.

my hardware :
rega rb 250,
pass B1,
gainclone from audio sector,
scanspeak 15W / vifa XT25 speakers.

1°_ my VSPS is giving repeating "buzz buzz buzz" sound, only in the right speaker.
it's more or less strong when i move the vsps from the power amp .

my tonearm have no "ground earth wire" (the ground is internally wired in the arm) so there is no earth grounding in the vsps.

i think i have to change the filtering capacitors, (they are low budjet 100uF and 470 uF) am i right?

do you know the reason of this "buzz buzz"?

2°_ second question, changing the audio capacitor for some mundorf, or something like, will improve the sound or not? (actually they are black gate and styroflex)

3°_and third, op37 is it good enough or some ad825 or opa627 are better?

thanks a lot.