Buying Drivers

Where should I go to buy drivers? Sometime way off in the distance, I'm looking to build myself a set of <a href="">these</a>.

I checked madisound, but I'm expecting and hoping things are just overpriced there. Building the aforementioned speakers would have cost at bear minimum $970, assuming I scavanged everything except the driver units themselves.

Hopefully someone can enlighten me to a better path.


2001-10-19 4:53 am
Madisound's prices are fair and typical of those for good drivers. If you need to use the exact drivers in the design then you pay the asking price. If you're an experienced enough designer to substitute different drivers, you can frequently find sales. Madisound as well as the other major DIY suppliers have frequent sales on overstock or slow selling items
If you are going to build the eVe II then go with the parts recommended. The Scan-Speak drivers my be a little costly but they will be worth it. I'm spending $935 cdn on a set of speakers very similair to the eVeII's and The Andromeda. Compaired to The Andromeda, $970 isn't that much for a set of speakers that will perform like the eVeII's are sopposed too.

Oh yeah and if you are in Canada by chance try . I just sent my order out today!

Also I wouldn't recommend scavanging on the crossover components if you don't have to. The crossover that Tony Gee designed for the eVeII's is pretty specific on the internal resistance of the inductors and quality of the parts. The price for my speakers doubled with the advent of higher quality crossover components and drivers, but it'll be worth it!

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