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Buyer beware of CPC in the UK

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I have ordered speakers from the company named CPC. I received many speakers in damaged condition (see some of them in the images), because they were packed very negligently. The tweeters were heaped on one another without even bubble package, so the sharp edges of the magnets did what they are supposed to do to the plastics and grilles.
The package was heavy and big, weighed 13.5 kg, and yet it was packed in a single walled cardboard box. It was warped and torn by the time it arrived.
I notified the carrier, they sent the package to the inspection clerk then shipped back the package to CPC. I e-mailed the sales person at CPC that I wanted a refund.
Today I got the refund, only 65 GBP (about 85 USD) less than what I sent for the order, with a message totally ridiculing me: "Refund as requested. Kind regards CPC Accounts". The 65 GBP was the shipping cost. I also tried to reach the carrier (UPS) but they shift the responsibility to CPC saying "Contact the sender".

2019-11-01 update: After sending two e-mails they refunded the shipping cost.


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I sometimes use CPC as they are often cheaper than RS Components.
They are a bit amateur at times.
Sending out resistors with no clue of what value they are on the packaging
Also components in bags with a stock code on the bag badly written so you struggle to find out what value is in the bag and have to try to look it up online.
Stuff is usually well packed but often sellotaped making it hard to unwrap.
Thank you for praising CPC. So Nigel, you think there is no problem that I pay the full price for the negligence of the warehouse worker... I don't have nothing, no goods, just my purse is 85 USD lighter.
Get in touch with CPC and get it sorted out.
We have laws in the uk for that sort of thing.
Tell them if they don't sort it you will get in touch with UK trading standards.
I've had no issues with them either, although this hasn't befallen me so I don't know their behaviour. However they're a big enough firm that I don't think they'd screw you so casually.
I'd phone them if possible and explain it pleasantly. It sounds like a right mess for which I feel for you. With luck whoever is on the phone will feel the same and get this mess rectified.
Keep us in the loop, maybe someone at CPC will catch this thread?
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I've never had issue either with CPC and have used them frequently, both postal and trade counter visits. Its a very big outfit, super smart premises and trade counter/shop to match.

I once had a single smd voltage reg delivered in a box of about 1 cubic foot in size.

Those who order semis and other passives may be interested to know that CPC seems to be abandoning that side of the business with common parts such being dropped.
Problems can arise with any supplier I suppose.

CPC sent me a pair of compression drivers (without horns) instead of the dome tweeters which I had ordered.

The compression drivers were heavy, inadequately packed and one was damaged.

To CPC's credit, I had no problem in returning the compression drivers and my account was credited with the price of the dome tweeters (which were out of stock). The unwanted drivers were collected from my home by a CPC van like the one which delivered them, so I did not have to worry about return postage.

However, since the dome tweeters I asked for were so inexpensive, my credit remains unclaimed. CPC didn't make it clear how I should claim it back in a subsequent order and it's probably lost in the system by now!
I recently learned that just because they look good doesn't mean they survived shipping. I received six poorly packed Visaton tweeters from Mouser such that the internal cardboard brace in the small box the tweeter was in was crushed, but the tweeter looked perfect. Not sure if it was Visaton or Mouser packing. On testing I found the 3rd harmonic distortion of half of the tweeters was high. The interesting part was that Visaton said that the ferro fluid may have shifted due to the shipping. They had me run 4 V RMS sweeps, 500 - 4000 Hz, 10 seconds, 12 in a row. After doing that, one of the tweeters worked great. Not sure if it was the heating, the large excursion or both that corrected the problem. Anyway, shipping is hard on parts. Sometimes invisibly.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.