Buy or Build?

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The Lepai amp is OK after one strips out ..ALL.. the tone circuits.
Stock it's adequate for Ipod amplification.
YJ one works a bit better and needs fewer mods.. no case or useless tone controls though :)
DIY gives a better result but it's not a trivial task to point to point wire one.
From your OP it sounds as though you are a newbie.

If you can detail your experience we will be able to tailor some responses to your question.

I would not recommend building a high power amplifier as your first build. It's not impossible but there are a few lessons to learn along the way.

On this forum you will get all the help you need, you might need to filter out a few of the posts though as they may be "off-track".
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You won't find a tutorial because there are just too many types of amps out there to build.

OK so you have chosen a pre-built Class D amplifier.

Some will criticise but don't let them put you off unless there are serious reservations about this kit or its supplier.

Now you have two concerns. What box are you going to mount it in and the Power Supply.

This amp doesn't have too many major concerns with supplies but others will now chip in with their recommendations.

I'm not a Class D fan so I'll bow to their experiences with them.
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For a start I would question the power supply requirements. 12V at 3A gives you a MAXIMUM of 36W and that is before any losses are taken into account. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for such a power supply to provide 20+20W.

If you decide to stay with this choice of amplifier I would aim for double the ouput power in your power supply just to keep things stable and cool.

ie 12V (as that is stated as its rated voltage) but allow for about 8A. 5A would be the minimum, 8A will improve the headroom on the amp, if the design would use it.
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I am looking to either buy or build an amplifier based around the TA2020 chip, are there any benefits to build an amp instead of buying one like this Lepai TA2020 Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Mini Amplifier: Electronics also if you do recommend building an amplifier are there any tutorials around the web?

Usama :)

People buy the Lepai because it is inexpensive and it needs modifications because of the inexpensive parts inside. You could pay more and get a Topping TP10 or TP20 depending on if you want the TA2024 or TA2020 but people can't seem to improve them much due to the better parts and build quality. You could also get a Muse M50 which features the Texas Instruments TPA3123 chip which some feel sound better than the Tripath chips. Get the Lepai if you want something to fix up.
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