Butler Tubedriver with distortion in one channel

My butler tubedriver 475 has very bad distortion in one channel.The other channels are fine.Switching the RCAs made no differance.It is a fairly new amp. I have it fired up and ready to troubleshoot with your help.Meter on standby.......thanks Robert


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Push the Ch2 button in. All others in that column should be out.

The trig. view should be out.

Center the trace.

Set the ch2 vertical amp to 5v/div (one click clockwise).

Set the probe to 10x.

Clip the probe connected to the ch2 input to the calibration bar on the front of the scope.

Set the red knob in the middle of the ch2 vertical amp control to the fully clockwise position.

Adjust the trigger level until you get a locked waveform displayed.

Post a photo of this setup.