Burson V6 Classic - this is the END

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I didn't think I was experiencing this. Brilliant, astounding, incredible, perfect.
Clichés? They seem to be. That's just what I've been experiencing since I put the V6 Classic next to the Electro-Harmonics 12AY7 vacuum tube.
I noticed that I was looking at the effect of opamp, but that I was lost in the music. The music was filled with real emotions, life, games, taste, aroma.

I CANNOT stop listening to music. It started as a treat, but now I listen to my previous favorites over and over again. The same music, except that it is played by more mature, skillful, brave, professional musicians.
Even with poor quality materials it is magical. But, of course, it thanks the good source many times.
I don't just hear the drums, I feel them. But the system is the same.
The middle is full of details. Whenever I hear an unheard of coughing in the auditorium, sometimes the vocalist steps in behind the singer.And I've heard so far in the distance that this vocalist is a man, but now I can practically tell you what kind of detergent he used to wash his snow white shirt. It makes the details so much alive, accessible.
And the highs got huge space. Right-left, forward and backward, up and down ...
The piano is now ringing. Even when it seemed dull before.
In cymbals, I feel the metal resonate.
I hear a drum in a place where there was only blurry hum before.
And not only can you hear, feel as they hit the air. It's crazy.

I really wouldn't have thought that a single opamp in the system would make that much progress, but it's brilliantly good. Perfect.
So, in fact, I canceled the order for the connecting cable. :) I got it. I have no desire to improve ...


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I didn't say this could be the best solution for everyone. All I can say is that for me, this opamp goes beyond all experience so far. It must have worked for me that I knew what it was about, and it gave me what I wanted. Indeed.Interchangeable opamps offer the opportunity to "play" with them. But after that, there is no alternative for me to replace, because it provided exactly what I had always wanted from a complete system. And this V6 Classic was the key or final element of the music chain.
Before : all instruments completely out of place & Focus. Audio never sounded good.

After the Sighted Bias Burson Experience: Everything now falls in place.

It may sound harsh, but you've got to be joking with this pseudo commercial.

Usually I ignore this kind of postings, but this is too outragious to ignore.
I apologize to everyone for wasting valuable time with my post.
I seem to be overly enthusiastic about the experience of a simple opamp. I was surprised to see this level of change.
And yes, I agree with Mark Tillotson that a blind test would be really scientific. But I was not talking about science, but about listening to music. Which evokes feelings, thoughts. At least that's what good listening to music means to me.

Then in short, instead of expansiveness, I think an opamp can be a particularly interesting and valuable piece of a complex system. Be the product of any manufacturer. In any case, this has worked out the best for me so far.
I apologize to everyone for wasting valuable time with my post.
I seem to be overly enthusiastic about the experience of a simple opamp. I was surprised to see this level of change.

Don't apologise. It's always good to hear another point of view, even if subjective.

I certainly sit on the objective side of the fence, and lend more weight to measurement than descriptives.. but I still do accept that an amp can measure well and sound crap. They can also measure crap and sound great (look at the THD figures on tube amps for example).

Now, I measured a distinct difference between a standard NE5532 op-amp and the Burson, so surely that at least backs up the fact that a difference could be heard? Measurements can't really tell you exactly what that difference could be, which is why we have to rely on flowery words.

A/B testing would be great (but everyone will pick holes in the methodology anyway) and this is DIY, not lab work. If you think it sounds great, good for you. If you don't like that some dude thinks it sounds great, then move along. Life is too short.

Anyway, I think Gotan should at least get credit for creativity. I didn't hear a single 'veil being lifted' :D

The OP posted, what is virtually, an advertisement for Burson using gross hyperbole and doesn't expect feedback?
One post and on the ignore list immediately, is that a record?

Does it get lonely in that echo chamber I wonder?

thank you for the suggestion. Really cheap piece. :) I admit that I've tried cheap opamps before (less than a $). What was expensive to me was in the $ 15-20 range. But I've already come across such "tiny" parts.
Then, of course, the continuous improvement was sucked in. And I was very curious about what a really expensive part of me was adding to the sound.

Obviously, it doesn't mean 70x better sound. The value for money is not at all comparable eg. with the basic NE5532.
But not just because of their value for money, we are swapping connecting cables, speaker cables, power cables, tubes ... but for the nuances.
And it was from these nuances that I received surprisingly much yesterday. And that's why I was completely enthusiastic.
Thanks for accepting!
I really don't want to overdo it, but the thing that caught me was "finally" not looking intently at what had changed, but finding myself practicing something new, fresh, often to my boredom. It's just a feeling, it really lacks any kind of objectivity. But it was still good to experience.

I can't imagine what I would experience hearing a "real" high-end system ... But I promise, if it does, I won't post about it. :)
Gotan...what you describe, is what i will call a big passion for Music,and where the small

changes in the setup gives you a big Aha experience,,,and thats why we continues to

make changes to the the setup,,sometime it also give me a nice Aha experience, where

the music comes to live,,and i forget everything around me,,,just sitting down and listen

it is why i still make diy,,to get more of ,what it is all about ,,,the passion for Music

Best Bjarne
Not at all, only there is less bulltish to actively avoid.
If that is the limit of your understanding, another will join the ignore list.
The sad demise of DF96 removed one of my preferred posters, and whose opinions made sense unlike gotan who made the list immediately.
Hey Gotan, I couldn't help but pile on it was such an easy target. I do agree with your basic premise though on opamps. The new versions and some of the older units can sound fantastic! I have come to this realization since I built the Doug Self preamp. This is completely opposite of everything I have been using for years now. Tube pre and SS power amp.

Anyway keep up the listening and the posting. Welcome to the DIY forum and have fun with it all.
Some go fishing to catch fish, while some go just to go fishing.

I used to wonder how measurements alone could possibly be someone’s reward for making things that were primarily for entertainment, until I spent time on forums...

Glad the Burson op amps are sounding good there.
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