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I very much enjoyed the vibe and camaraderie at the BAF. It reminds me strongly of the European Triode Festival. Sadly I couldn't stay very long (or: had to come quite late to be exact). It was a great move to have the BAF near the AES and on the same date (although perhaps right after or right before might work even better). Anyhow, the next AES convention is October 17-20, 2013 in NY (Javits Center as usual).

@Nelson: Hope we can find some more time to chat at another occasion.




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2009-07-17 1:22 pm
Near Frankfurt
Seems that everyone is humming about F6; I don't see much exitement about Nelson's Open Baffles, except myself...
Perhaps because I am happy with my feedbackless F3, so I don't feel the urge to build another amp. But, seeing those speakers makes my fingers itch... :)

one half of my heatsinks is filled with an F3 clone, the other half with slide 13 F6...... besides the original F3 standing aside...
So you left off the feedback with F3, what was your impression, on open baffles?

Yes F3 is very charming, F6 has to fight....:D
Hi Generg,

F3 without feedback (and with some passive correction circuit as described in Nelson Pass article about transconductance amps) makes Visaton B200 on open baffle sounds much better than it does with feedback, not to mention any other SS amp. It sounds good enough that I stopped bothering about any other amps...
Eminence Beta 15 on the bottom is fed by the ordinary, class AB Sony SS amp. The OB itself still has room for improvement, and I liked the bass solution as seen at BAF... ;)
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