Burning Amp Festival 2019 with Build and Measurement Workshops!

Check out https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/clubs-and-events/337911-burning-amp-2019-a.html.

Burning Amp Festival 2019 in Historic Building C and Firehouse at Fort Mason Center November 9th, and 10th.

The Saturday afternoon Build Workshop participants will build a pre-amp/headphone amp of a new design by Nelson Pass. Workshop will be led by Jim Tiemann (6L6). No materials fee! Parts donated by Nelson, Jim, & Variac.

The Saturday afternoon a Measurement Workshop led by Bob Cordell and Demian Martin will introduce concepts in both amplifier and speaker measurement and demonstrate their application.

Sunday is the full day Burning Amp Festival from 9:00am until 7:30pm. Bring your audio projects for display!

We will have an awesome lineup of speakers on Sunday. For the Sunday morning Shorter Takes we have four amplifier designers, Denis Vilfort, Nick Cresswell, Bob Cordell and the Mighty Zen Mod.

Sunday afternoon Keynotes are Sean Casey of Zu Audio, and Nelson Pass of Pass Labs, along with a conversation between the two moderated by Kent English.

Workshop sales begin Noon tomorrow, Sunday only sales will be available shortly or register at the door (space permitting)!


Mark Johnson

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2011-05-27 3:27 pm
Silicon Valley
I am local. I think the friendly thing for me to do, is NOT register for the workshop(s) until the VERY last minute. Leave the slots open for people who fly in from far away. If they fill up the workshop and get "my" slot, that's a good and happy outcome. A longer distance diyAudio member gets a delightful experience in exchange for an extra night in a hotel. It strikes me as a Globally Optimum result.

Other people may, of course, feel other wise.
Tom, thanks for getting the event registration deal set up.

I've got myself logged in for a reminder. My angst is making a decision of which to register for. Ideally, I'd like to do both. The joy of being spoilt for choice.

Yes the tragedy of this year's Burning Amp Festival - you won't see it all!!


Although thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Linear Integrated Systems, a videographer will be capturing the Measurement Workshop for later posting along with 6L6 giving a soldering lesson in the Build Workshop.
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Will there be a video on the measurement workshop like previous Burning Amp Workshops?

Our wonderful sponsor, Linear Integrated Systems, will have a videographer present at the Measurement Workshop as well as the Sunday sessions in the Firehouse. They usually get posted about a month after Burning Amp.